divya nayar
currently at code and theory as a junior visual designer. creator of refusing refusal. available to take on select freelance opportunities.

Publication Design


Karthika is the space I’ve taken to reflect on my inbetweeness in this moment, as a young South Asian woman living in America.

Brand Identity & Curatation

Refusing Refusal

Refusing Refusal is a day-long multimedia show that explores how marginalized, intersectional, POC artists can disregard existing institutional rules to create spaces tailored to our unique identities.               

The show investigates how we might deformalize art sharing and develop it into a more intimate and communal interaction.

Funded by the Y.L. Hoi Memorial Award from the Center for Creative Citizenship at MICA.

Maryland Institute College of Art
Brand Identity & Motion Graphic

The Nine

Since time immemorial, precious stones and metals have been believed to harness a certain celestial power. The Nine invites people to learn more about this ancient belief.

The Nine is an event dedicated to the Navaratnas. The term “Navaratna” is a Sanskrit word which means “nine gems”. According to Hindu astrology, each of these gemstones is associated with a planet and believed to harness cosmic energy.

Maryland Institute College of Art
Motion Graphic

Period Poverty

Menstruation is a normal and healthy part of life for many people worldwide. Unfortunately, 12.8% of those menstruators live in period poverty. Period poverty is defined as the inability of menstruators to afford adequate menstrual hygiene products, as well as the associated stigma around menstruation. This motion graphic was created to highlight this issue.

Maryland Institute College of Art
Brand Identity & Package Design

Krya Rebrand

The company Krya advocates for a well rounded, holistic, and balanced lifestyle, through the use of their natural products and through natural practices. These ideas of balance and nature were considered when creating this fictional rebranding. The golden ratio is a natural balance that manifests itself in the world, it seemed the best fit for a visual representation of the Krya brand. The different ways the golden ratio can be represented acted as the baseline for the logo system. The cut-out element of the system became a way for the user to interact with and understand the product.