divya nayar
currently at code and theory as a visual designer. available to take on select freelance opportunities.

Motion Graphic, Set Design, & Video Direction


ABCD, American Born Confused Desi, is a commonly heard term in the South Asian community, often used to negatively describe second-generation South Asians that struggle within the intersection of their culture and American culture. This motion identity was created for a hypothetical online brand that would provide it’s listeners with podcasts covering a range of topics. ABCD would offer a place for conversations to be held, advice to be given, stories to be shared, and womxn to be empowered.

This project was created in collaboration with Sukalp Bhatija and Eleni Marinos. The garments featured on the models are designed by Sukalp for her Senior Thesis collection Kalakari. Eleni lead the filming process.