divya nayar



Refusing Refusal is a day-long multimedia show that explores how marginalized, intersectional, POC artists can disregard existing institutional rules to create spaces tailored to our unique identities.
We are refusing what has been refused to us by not engaging in contemporary, eurocentric, hierarchical structures. The show investigates how we might deformalize art sharing and develop it into a more intimate and communal interaction.

Refusing Refusal has partnered with Nomü NomüBCAN, and Press Press. Nomü Nomü is an intersectional artist collective and curatorial platform gallery space. BCAN, the Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network, is a 10-year, city-wide initiative, providing both strategic and as-needed entrepreneurship support for Baltimore creatives of all disciplines and backgrounds. Press Press is a publishing initiative that aims to shift and deepen the understanding of voices, identities, and narratives that have been suppressed or misrepresented by the mainstream.

Refusing Refusal COVID-19 Update: Work in Progress

We received applications from extremely talented artists based in Baltimore and artists affiliated with MICA. Because of the pandemic and quarantine, the future of the show is under construction. As of now we have decided to create an online experience that showcases the artists, hosts virtual programming, and community gathering. We are considering having a physical show later in the year when it is safe to do so.